Steven Wesley Guiles

Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Artist



Steven's latest release, And The Stars Will Guide Us Home, opens with a short deliberate chant-along mantra for the underdog, I Will Not Be Defeated. It's Steven playing the lion's share of the instruments with producer/mixer Garret Gengler adding flourishes and atmosphere. The opening track, I Will Not Be Defeated, is a structural one-two punch. This short and deliberate chant-along mantra for the underdog is fist-pumping indie rock at its best. On tunes like Eddie Vedder Told Me There'd Be Days Like This and Tammy Faye, I Love You what could be throw-away name-droppers turn out to be deeply moving and heartfelt songs about death and the human spirit.

1992-2004 * EEG/The Vegas Nerve

1993-2008 * Pushstart Wagon

1996-2004 * Friction Bailey

2008-present * solo artist and with his band Steven and the Starlight


It's not every year an artist writes 70+ songs so that he can release 9 songs for his first solo album. It's also not always possible when said artist is a devoted husband, father of two, and a full-time middle school teacher. Steven has written and recorded hundreds of songs in many different styles.  He is also a producer and has worked in writing and recording material for other artists.  His songs have been featured in shows like MTV Real World and on NPR’s online version of All Songs Considered.  If you find Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver good company, then you will be right at home pulling up a chair and a pair of earbuds and soaking in his gorgeous records.


His first release, We Will All Be Lifted, is an uplifting tear-jerker. If you find Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver good company, then you will be right at home pulling up a chair and a pair of earbuds and soaking in this gorgeous record.


WWABL leads off with May He Keep You As You Go, an Irish blessing song recorded with one microphone in one take. What you end up hearing is what came out at that moment...and a beautiful, honest moment it was. Contrasting this is Keep Me Coming Back, a multi-layered piano-based tune that has a killer chorus and gorgeously layered harmonies. It's an obvious single and a beautiful love song written for his wife that is sentimental, honest, and yet not trite or throw-away in nature. And when he goes from quiet to epic on Thankful, you hear drums, bass, electric guitars, sweat, and tears and you're left wishing that the song wouldn't end.



1995 - Pushstart Wagon – Squeaky Clean - Brainstorm Artist Int. ##
2001 - Friction Bailey – Tengo Yellow Pedal - New Cool Now #
2002 - The Vegas Nerve – Misery Loves Harmony- Grass Marimba **
2004 - Friction Bailey – The Silent Night -New Cool Now #
2005 - Pushstart Wagon – L.A. Was Our Alamo - independent ##
2009 - Steven Wesley Guiles – We Will All Be Lifted - New Cool Now*
2010 - Steven Wesely Guiles – And The Stars Will Guide Us Home - New Cool Now. *

*Recommended if you like: Bon Iver, Simon and Garfunkel, Elliot Smith, Sufjan Stevens
**Recommended if you like: David Bowie, The Hives, The Strokes
#Recommended if you like: Innocence Mission, Sufjan Stevens, The Sundays, Denison Witmer
##Recommended if you like: Wilco, Semisonic, Tom Petty, The Wallflowers



Below are links to a sample of his work in different situations.

Solo Acoustic/Mellow (**produced and mixed by Garret Gengler)

May He Keep You As You Go **Steven’s attempt at an Irish blessing song

Keep Me Comin’ Back To You ** at it’s core, a love song

Sunday’s Work Has Just Been Done ** inspired by the scene in O, Brother Where Art Thou when they went down to the riverside to be baptized

Solo Indie Rock

I Will Not Be Defeated **  slow build epic rock mantra for the castdown

Agree To Disagree a loop-rock musical blurb with layers and layers of guitar

Teenage Vampire Lovesick Blues  cool vibe, inspired by the Twilight relationship weirdness

Move On ** self-explanatory poppy acoustic tune

Male/Female Acoustic (Friction Bailey)

I’m A (Sucker For Your Love) it’s got a whistle solo.  How cool is THAT?  

Thin Wall  Universal realtionship type song

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen  from the Christmas album, cool different arrangement

Auld Lang Syne (one of my FAVORITE simple recordings of all time)

Rock Songs (Pushstart Wagon)  high level of production (recorded and produced by Ben Eggenhorn--all songwriting by Steven).

Breathing Room  rocker, up tempo, about relationships and the need for space

Country Star  a true story about a country singer who was looking for songs...

Los Angeles  a fan favorite, downtempo, moody and poetic (we actually have an instrumental version of this and an “all Los Angeles lyrics version).

Silly Songs/Kids Songs (Mr. Gee)

Power Pony Super Squad (and this awesome music video to accompany it)

Toilet Paper Spider Warriors (inspired by a true story...)

I Want To Be A Dentist (Remember the elf who wanted to be a dentist?  This is his song.)

Dog Dog Dog Dog (Inspired by Beastie Boys “Girls”...but about Dogs)